Transatlantic - Stockholm Roast
Transatlantic - Stockholm Roast
Transatlantic - Stockholm Roast
Transatlantic - Stockholm Roast
Transatlantic - Stockholm Roast

Stockholm Roast


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Cup Profile: Creamy, Well balanced, Full bodied blend with notes of Chocolate and Nuts. Pairs well with milk. Roasted for Espresso and bold cup of  Filter brew

Farms – Venda Nova
Owners – Bobolink partners
Altitude – 1100-1350m
Region – Caparao, Venda Nova
Process – Pulped Natural
Variety – Red Catuai


FAF Coffees has been working with producers of the region of Caparaó and Venda Nova for three years. This region is incredibly beautiful with many small family farms that, like most small producers, were selling almost their entire production to the local cooperatives and dry mills at commodity prices. Just a few of them were taking the risky investment in time and new infrastructure to separate and process differently a small part of their production that they felt had potential. Each small property would produce around 70 bags of coffee per year, and very few of these were specialty grade.

These producers are very aware of the fact that they have one of Brazil’s most treasured natural resources on their doorstop.  The preservation of the waterways, springs, forests and wildlife of the region is a natural part of daily life for them. The work with FAF Coffees encourages them to keep those practices and learn how to join sustainable agricultural practices with high-end coffees. Caparaó and Venda Nova are now on a FAF Coffees One-Hundred-Year Project to bring back the abundance of clean water, forests and organically grown produce for those who inhabit today and for the following generations to come.