Radio Phare Java Indonesia - Stockholm Roast
Radio Phare Java Indonesia - Stockholm Roast
Radio Phare Java Indonesia - Stockholm Roast
Radio Phare Java Indonesia - Stockholm Roast
Radio Phare Java Indonesia - Stockholm Roast

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Radio Phare Java Indonesia

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Cup Profile: This amazing coffee has a winey and fruity profile. A natural coffee grown under the shade of eucalyptus, pine and avocado trees in Sunda region of Java. Taste of this coffee is full of exotic fruits such as mango, pineapple, cherry and honey with nuances of exotic spices and a silky, sparkly body

Farm – Klasik Beans
Cooperative – Radio Phare
Altitude – 1200-1500 m
Region – Puntang, Sunda, West Java
Process – Natural
Variety – Catimor, Line S, Typica

Produced in the Puntang area in the Sunda terroir in the west of Java, this coffee is a blend of typica, line S and catimor. The Sunda people, culturally very different to the Javans, place great importance on the relationship they have with nature. This coffee is produced exclusively under the shade of a variety of trees which produce essential oil (pine, eucalyptus, avocado, coral trees). This coffee is natural processed.

The Dutch East India Company has a 300-year history of coffee that has left its mark in Indonesia in the form of its first plantations. Rediscovered in the high altitudes of the Sundanese region, these original plantations have preserved an ancient variety of Typica that is nearly 100 years old. About 90 hectares of this Typica variety grow beneath forests of pine, eucalyptus and other species. These plantations are managed in a participatory manner by the region’s producers.
They give beans with a lot of character that are contributing to the development of a very distinctive coffee.

The Sundanese terroir is mountainous and hilly. It was very wooded and sparsely populated up until the 19th century. The Sundanese traditionally live in small isolated hamlets. West Java is particularly fertile and an important agricultural area, considered the rice granary of Indonesia. In addition to rice crops, you will also find large plantations of tea and fruit trees.
The Sundanese mentality is more informal, less hierarchical than that of the Javanese. The Sundanese people have a very special relationship with nature.