Clave de Sol Estate Honduras - Stockholm Roast
Clave de Sol Estate Honduras - Stockholm Roast
Clave de Sol Estate Honduras - Stockholm Roast
Clave de Sol Estate Honduras - Stockholm Roast
Clave de Sol Estate Honduras - Stockholm Roast

Stockholm Roast

Clave de Sol Estate Honduras

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Cup Profile: Powerful fruity pineapple, mango and raspberry notes. A smooth body with fruity notes of red fruit and pineapple in the cup. The notes persist in the cup with touches of hazelnut and exotic fruit

Farm – Clave de Sol Estate
Owner – Miriam Elizabeth Pérez aka Betty
Altitude – 1300 m
Region – El Rincon in Marcala, department of La Paz
Process – Natural
Variety – Red Bourbon, Red Catuai, Typica

If you can feel the producers’ enthusiasm and desire to promote a better and more humane world for future generations when tasting this coffee, then they have succeeded! This coffee is produced at the Clave de Sol farm at an altitude of 1,300 metres by a passionate producer who believes in organic production and defends the quality of her work. Birds and trees are preserved there through use of responsible production methods which have been developed over the years, sometimes even in contradiction with the traditional practices already in place.

Clave de Sol farm is located in the village of El Rincon in Marcala, in the department of La Paz, at an altitude of 1,300 metres. Coffee has been grown with passion there for generations, and production now extends over 8.5 hectares. This year, the region produced 112 bags of green coffee. The farm is named after a musical note that symbolises life, on account of its round shape; a beautiful image and a reminder that the Clave de Sol farm does everything possible to preserve its surrounding fauna and flora through concrete actions. Trees are planted to create shade, organic fertilisers are used designed to strengthen the plants and coffee trees, the fruit trees are harvested and the coffee plants are renewed regularly

The farm is managed according to an agroforestry system and has its own mill (húmedo and seco beneficio, African beds, etc.). The main varieties grown at the farm are Icatu and Typica. Betty also produces Bourbon, Lempira and Parainema.

Betty inherited 2.5 hectares 12 years ago and bought 6 more with her husband a few years back. They therefore represent the third generation of her family to produce coffee. Betty is a woman with a mission, a mother of 5 and wife to Rodolfo, one of the brains behind COMSA. When you visit her farm, it is immediately obvious that she is a woman of action and a natural leader among her employees.